Regular events in Radyr & Morganstown

Radyr & Morganstown is a busy and growing community.  There are lots of sports, drama etc activities and classes, and many local organisations hold regular meetings.

All the details of these events and organisations are listed in the Directory section of this website but we realise that is difficult to work out what is happening when.  We have therefore distilled the information into just three charts, as follows:

All the entries have a link to the relevant Directory section so you can find out more details, including contact information.  Note that many activities do not continue through the year; some only operate in term time.

Please let us know if any of the information you find in these charts or in the Directory is wrong.  We are totally dependent on organisations and businesses telling us about any changes, so a prompt is always useful.  You can contact us via email here.  Also, do tell us if there are activities we have missed.  We want the lists to be as full and correct as possible.

In introducing this facility we have removed the Regular Events section of the on-line diary and reverted to just one diary.  On-going events such as classes should not now be listed in the on-line diary and any such entries will be removed.  It would, though, be appropriate (for example) for an entry to be made stating that a class was about to restart, but not an entry for each class. 

Are there events or activities that you would like to find in R&M but aren’t here?  The R&M Association is always happy to work with a new group to make things happen.  They can be contacted via email here.