Ideas for Improving Radyr & Morganstown

On the back of a request from the R&M Community Council, the Radyr & Morganstown Association asked its members a short while ago for ideas for improvement projects that might be funded by any money that might come available to spend in the local community.  Whilst the emphasis was on capital projects such as improvements to public open spaces, community facilities and local highway improvements, we were interested in anything else that could improve our quality of life.  Responses were requested by 8th September.

We had a good response and we thought it would be of wider interest to list the ideas that were submitted.  They are in this report.

All the ideas have been sent to the R&M Community Council for amalgamation with the ideas they had accumulated.  They will then submit a prioritised list to Cardiff Council.  Of course, not all the ideas will be eligible for funding under what is known as ‘Planning Gain’ but we hope that those that cannot will find their way onto an agenda somewhere.

Do contact us on if you have any comments on the listed ideas, or if you have further ideas that you think should have been put forward.  And, if you would like the opportunity of being consulted about this or any other topic in the future, let us know (same address) and we will be happy to add your name to our address list.