Danybryn Woods

Spring Time with the Wild Anemones out,

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Autumn time

This woodland is an oasis of wildlife left to be a natural place after the development around it in the late 1960s.

Woodpeckers, jays, owls and occasionally foxes are seen and heard here. The whole woodland is protected by a Tree Preservation Order so no work can be done without consent from Cardiff Council.

Bluebells and wild garlic grow along the main path and through the woods.

Spring is particularly beautiful as the ancient beeches come into leaf. These magnificent trees are over 200 years old.

A habitat pile following coppicing

The Community Council has a management agreement with Cardiff Council. Following a tree survey, a lot of work was done on the trees in 2017 and the wood was coppiced by the Cardiff Conservation Volunteers. As a result, the woods are letting in more light and the wild flowers are reappearing. The wood anemones have been stunning and the banks are gently turning blue as the bluebells begin to flower.

Both benches have been repaired and it has now become again a place to sit for a moment and enjoy the sound of birdsong.